Is a Bed Bath and Beyond Registry Worth It?

There was a time when every bride HAD to have a Bed Bath and Beyond registry. It was silly not to! But now with SO many great wedding registry options available, we’ve been left wondering if they’ve become as basic as that 20% off coupon you get every month? So, we decided to give them another try. Did we change our mind? Read on to find out how we rank it!

bed bath beyond registry overview

What’s New About the Bed Bath and Beyond Registry?

It was around this time last year that Bed Bath and Beyond unveiled their new “Your Registry, Your Way,” a flexible registry option that incorporated alternative gifts (like cash funds and experiences) with more traditional products (like that shiny new set of pots and pans). While they made their registry much more modern and accessible with an app and checklist feature, this means it’s now competing with the likes of Zola and The Knot. Yet they are still one of the few big box retailers to offer this. (Target’s wedding registry recently announced a partnership with Honeyfund for cash gifting). That means it’s now easier to register for gifts from the giant selection Bed Bath and Beyond has to offer, while still being able to reap the benefits of a non-traditional registry. Score +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

What Kind of Brands Do They Carry?

When it comes to the selection of Bed Bath and Beyond products, I do think they have a wider range of gifts than other major retailers with similar registry options. For instance, if you were looking to add a set of All-Clad pans to your registry, Bed Bath and Beyond has that brand available. Target, on the other hand, does not. That’s another +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

We’ll walk you through the entire registry process, below, but in the meantime lets look at some of the most popular brands available to add to your Bed Bath and Beyond Registry:

  • All-Clad
  • Breville
  • Calphalon
  • Cuisinart
  • Dyson
  • Google
  • Instant Pot
  • Le Creuset
  • Mikasa
  • Nespresso
  • Noritake
  • OXO Good Grips
  • kate spade new york
  • KitchenAid
  • simplehuman

Creating a Bed Bath and Beyond Registry

The process itself is fairly easy, but it does involve a bit of navigating and we did get lost once or twice.

First, you’ll want to navigate to the registry tab in the nav bar. From there you’ll have an option to choose what type of registry you want to create (such as Wedding or Baby).

bed bath and beyond registry
You can choose what type of registry you want to create.

Once you make your selection, you’ll enter in your name and the name of your partner, as well as your address and wedding date. You are then given an option to “Book an Appointment,” but to be honest it wasn’t really clear what for. We assumed it was to chat with a registry expert. The idea of this sounded great, but with little explanation about what that would involve, we decided to hold off on this option for now. Editor’s Note: We saw a link to “Book an Appointment” again in the site’s footer under ‘Registry,’ but when we clicked on that it took me to a “Find a Store” page for contactless pickup. This option needs work, so we took another point off for that. -1 for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Choosing Gifts for Your Bed Bath and Beyond Registry

After I created our registry, I was ready to start checking out their gift selections. I got excited when I saw that there were several options aimed to help me get started, such as “Registry Favorites” or “Collection Starters.” As someone who has a hard time deciding where to start, I always appreciate these curated lists. So, I started with their “Collection Starters,” and from there saw collections such as “Top-registry picks,” “Go-To Gifts,” and “Registry Must-Haves.”

bed bath and beyond registry
Only three gifts showed up in the “Go-to Gifts” collection

The problem? When I went to view their “Top-registry picks,” only one product came up (a KitchenAid stand-mixer). That was weird and I thought it was just a glitch, so I decided to check out “Go-To Gifts.” This time, only three items showed up. (The stand-mixer again, as well as a set of Wamsutta towels in teal, and a pretty 5-piece place setting). I then went to “Registry Must-Haves,” and within that chose “Cookware Essentials.” Again, only three items showed up. So far, these collections were pretty disappointing. -1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Why Wedding Pantsuits Are the Next Big Thing

Adding Products to Your Bed Bath and Beyond Registry

OK, that section needs work. Thankfully, I finally found gifts to choose from when I navigated to “Shop Wedding Registry Favorites.” I could shop by category (such as Bedding or Kitchen), and further filter by rating, price, etc. This section was already looking better than the collection starters above, with over 2,200 products showing up in a grid. Despite the fact that several of the products we hoped to add were sold out, we still give +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond for having a wide range of products..

bed bath and beyond registry
A look at the products available for a Bed Bath and Beyond Registry

Now that we’ve found the gifts, lets move on to how the registry process worked.

The Process:

When I found a gift I wanted to add, the process became a little clunky for me. For products where there are no choices to be made (such as color), there was an easy “Add to Registry” button. If I did need to pick a color, I could click on the color drop-down and a pop-up would appear. Once I made my selection, however, it was not immediately clear how to add it to my registry. I then saw a tiny little “Add to Registry” link below giant blue “Pick It Up” or “Add to Cart” buttons. Editor’s Note: I created a second test registry, and for some reason when I did that and had the option to select one of the two registries to add a gift to, the “Add to Registry” button was much larger. I wish they did that for those who only have one registry.

bed bath and beyond registry
The ‘Add to Registry’ button can be hard to find in some sections.

I often find this is the biggest issue with registering with a traditional online retailer vs. a dedicated wedding registry (like Zola). They’re using the same interface for regular shoppers as they do for couples shopping for their registry, so they’re making the process harder for those of us with a registry. While I guess that’s to be expected, the experience is admittedly better when it’s designed purely as a gift registry. -1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond

What About the Cash Registry?

After adding traditional gifts to my sample Bed Bath and Beyond registry, I realized I was forgetting what made their registry new and improved…the cash and experiences!

The problem was I had a hard time even finding where these new options were. In fact, I had to google “bed bath and beyond cash registry” to find it. (In case you’re trying to find it, too, here’s the link).

A FAQ on this page then tells you how to create a fund:

After you have created your registry, go to your Wedding Registry Home page and click on the “Create A Cash Fund” link. This will prompt you to create your account with WePay and link your bank account information. Once complete you can customize your cash funds.

However, when I attempted to follow these instructions, I could not find the “Create A Cash Fund” link. This was disappointing, as I can only assume this is no longer an option for now. Editor’s Note: Once we find out more info on the status of this, we’ll update this page!

How Are Their Experiences?

While that news was a bummer for cash funds, we DID manage to find their “experiences” tucked away within their “Top Experiences” section on the bottom of our “Wedding Registry Home” page. You can also find “Experiences” in the “Registry” tab under “Build Your Registry.”

On the main “Experiences – Registry & Gifts” page, you can find options to add a “Sunset Dinner Cruise in Lahaina” to your registry, or a “San Francisco Wine Country Tour” along with over a hundred different journeys around the world. For example, there are 83 experiences currently available in the U.S., and five in Mexico. I did not see any options in Europe, however.

I also checked out their FAQ, where I discovered a few things:

  • Experiences are added to your registry, and when guests purchase them you receive e-mail notification with a voucher code from Spur Experiences.
  • Once you receive your voucher, you can schedule your experience with Spur.
  • No refunds are allowed. However, if you wish to make a change you can exchange it through Spur for a credit towards a different experience.
  • Vouchers do not expire.
bed bath and beyond registry

I was surprised at how difficult it was to access these features, and perhaps it’s because both their cash funds and experiences are in a beta/testing phase. Hopefully that changes soon, but in the meantime we’d deduct -1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond for accessibility to those features.

Why Wedding Pantsuits Are the Next Big Thing

Other Bed Bath and Beyond Registry Features

Aside from their product selection and what we hope will eventually be a better cash fund/experience option, there are several other features worth noting.

Comparison Tool:

This feature is not specific to their registry platform (any online shopper will see it), but it does allow you to compare up to four products for pricing and other specs. You can find the “Compare” link on the bottom of each product module, but not on the actual product’s page for some reason.

bed bath and beyond registry
You can compare up to four products on Bed Bath and Beyond’s site.

I selected four stand mixers to compare, and it was helpful to see their features side-by-side. For instance, I could see that one model had a hidden cord, while the other three did not. +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.


On the right-hand side of your registry you’ll see a “Checklist” bar. The “Full View” brings you to a basic printable checklist where you can see how many products you still need. While that’s fine, a much better experience is had when you click into each of the categories directly from bar. This is what it looks like when you click on “Bedding.”

bed bath and beyond registry
The Bed Bath and Beyond registry checklist

From there you’ll see how many comforter sets you have registered for. (IE: 1 of 2). If you want to look for gifts you don’t have, simply click on the product type (IE: Comforter) and you’re taken to that category page. This is a great way to keep track of what you still need and then add it. +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Analyze My Registry:

It’s important to have a wide range of gift prices on your registry. This way, guests can pick something they can afford. The “Analyze My Registry” feature gives you a bird’s-eye view of what you have in each price range, and lets you add more if you’re running low. This feature does everything it needs to do, which means +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

bed bath and beyond registry
This feature will help you make sure you have enough wedding gifts in every price range.

Thank You List:

Once guests have started to buy you gifts, you can navigate to this page to reveal who gave you what, which will help you manage all those wedding thank you notes. Most registries have this feature, so it’s not really an added incentive to start a Bed Bath and Beyond registry. However, it is done well. We’ll give +1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Share Your Registry:

Once you’ve created your Bed Bath and Beyond registry you’ll want to share it with guests. When you click on that option a pop-up appears with the registry url. While sites like Zola give you a nice, compact url (IE:, we were given a crazy long url from Bed Bath and Beyond. We’ve used X’s where the numbers were, but it was:

Definitely doesn’t roll off the tongue! LOL. Chances are you’ll just be linking to it from your wedding website and won’t need to tell anybody what it is, but it’s still nice to have an easy-to-share url. -1 point for Bed Bath and Beyond.

Final Thoughts

Out of 12 possible points, we gave our Bed Bath and Beyond registry experience two. Despite their vast product selection (though a lot of our choices were out of stock) and decision to add experiences and (hopefully) a cash fund, we can’t see registering there instead of, say, Zola.

Bottom line? If you want a local store to register at that has a wide range or products, I would opt for a Macys, Bloomingdales, or Target instead, which has the ability to add a cash or honeymoon fund. Bed Bath and Beyond still has some work to do to make their registry experience even better!

While we only link to products and services we think you will love, some of the links on our site are monetized. If you click on the link and make a purchase we may receive a commission, which helps us keep bringing great content to you! All opinions are our own.

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